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people living with HIV world wide
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people living with HIV in South Africa
young women are infected with HIV every day
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people living with HIV still can’t get life-saving ARV treatment

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For many people living with HIV, the news that they can no longer transmit HIV sexually, is life changing!

If you have been taking ARV treatment for at least 6 months, have a consistently undetectable viral load (less than 200 copies per cubic millimeter of blood) and continue taking your treatment as prescribed, you will not sexually transmit HIV to others.

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Waking up can be a really harsh experience, especially if your dreams are better than reality. The saddest part of it is, that eventually even the memory of your dream will fade, that’s if you are even lucky enough to remember what it was. I uncover my face and silence my alarm. I blink, close my eyes, open and blink again.