Positive Vibes


Taking your ARV treatment every day, at the same time, means that you are adhering to your treatment plan.

Good adherence is generally regarded as an important factor in managing a person’s HIV.

Poor adherence to ARV treatment is associated with less effective viral load suppression, which puts a person’s health at risk, but also increases the risk of developing drug resistance to a particular group of ARV drugs that previously controlled a person’s HIV. This can make it difficult or impossible to treat a person’s HIV.

Continue to see your healthcare provider regularly and use these visits to talk openly about any help you might need in order to stay adherent to your ARV treatment plan.

Here are some tips that may help you take your ARV treatment, every day:

  1. Create a routine. For example, if your healthcare provider prescribes taking your ARV treatment every morning with food, make it a habit to take it at breakfast.
  2. Try a weekly or monthly pill box with compartments for each day of the week to help you remember whether or not you took your ARV treatment that day.
  3. Set an alarm on your clock, watch, or phone for the time you take your ARV treatment.
  4. Keep a daily log or use a calendar to keep track of the days you have taken your ARV treatment.
  5. Set up automatic refills at your pharmacy. Your ARV treatment will be ready when you need it, and you will not run out.
  6. Ask a family member or friend to encourage you and give you a daily phone call, text, or email to remind to take your ARV treatment.